Primitive Urban Living participates in the PLASTIC POLLUTION AWARENESS DAY in Atlanta,Georgia

Primitive Urban Living is proud to present their plastic pollution awareness art – Plastic Dreams Collection – at the plastic pollution awareness day celebrated on February 15th in the state of Georgia, USA. Excitement arises while collaborating with a young environmental activist Hannah Testa of age 14 ( ) promotiong the spirit of environmental & plastic pollution awareness.





Georgia teen spearheads event with Senator Williams to encourage citizens and businesses to avoid disposable plastic products on this day

Local environmental activist, Hannah Testa, age 14, has partnered with State Senator Michael Williams to proclaim February 15, 2017 as Plastic Pollution Awareness Day at the State Capitol.  This event, believed to be one of the first of its kind nationwide, was conceived and spearheaded by Hannah, Forsyth County’s resident environmental activist.  The teen, who founded the organization Hannah4Change (, worked with Senator Williams, of the 27th District in Forsyth County, to develop a resolution to be passed that helps to educate Georgians about the growing health crisis of plastic pollution.

“The aim is to make residents aware of the impact that plastic pollution has on our environment,” states Hannah.  “Not only does plastic end up on our streets, streams, and oceans, but also affects 600 species of marine life, through ingestion and entanglement, often killing them. Scientists are finding plastic in our food chain too.”  Her goal is to make citizens and businesses aware that simple shifts in our daily lives can greatly reduce the state’s plastic footprint.  Hannah’s call to action is for Georgians to reduce consumption of single-use plastic products such as plastic bottles, straws, and bags on at least one day out of the year and perhaps all year long.

Senator Williams adds, “I’m very impressed by Hannah’s efforts, especially by someone of her age.  By educating the public, we can help people to make informed decisions.”

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To commemorate Plastic Pollution Awareness Day and encourage engagement and commitment from others, Hannah is creating a large traveling quilt made up of hundreds of commitments from local residents and businesses on actions they will take to reduce their use of disposable plastic products. This quilt, along with large sculptures and artwork made out of plastic debris by North Carolina ocean scientist Bonnie Monteleone and Atlanta artist Mitch Cherry from the Primitive Urban Living artist group, will be exhibited at the State Capitol on February 15, 2017. Ms. Testa and Senator Williams will also be accompanied by a host of environmental leaders across the nation as well as by local businesses that support her efforts.  This event will be from 10 am to 2:30 pm in room 123 of the State Capitol Building and is open to the public.

Hannah’s efforts are the latest in her young career to speak up for issues that concern her, and others have taken note of her amazing work at such a young age.  “Hannah is a light of hope and is a true example to never underestimate a young person’s capability to evoke change. Its been a pleasure to watch her blossom and grow in passion and beauty inside and out”, states Angela Sun, award-winning sportscaster, film maker, producer, writer, and environmentalist.  Charles Orgbon III, CEO of Greening Forward, adds “Disposable plastics take a few minutes to make, a few seconds to use, and a lifetime to degrade in our landfills. Hannah’s event will help us understand what we can do to create more sustainable solutions.”

About Hannah4Change:

Hannah4Change was founded by award-winning Cumming, Georgia resident Hannah Testa to fight for issues that affect our world and all of its animals.  Hannah is a 14-year-old honors student who is passionate about animals and environmental issues that have an impact on wildlife. Hannah has presented to thousands of adults and children – as well as to Georgia’s Governor – on plastic pollution and practical ways residents can reduce their “plastic footprint”. She believes that knowledge is power, and that through education and awareness, she can affect positive change.  For additional information, please visit

*Press release courtesy of Farida Testa



Plastic is a love and hate story.
We love it for an instant but we hate it when we discard it.
We love it when it shines, but hate it when it’s dirty.
But although love comes and goes… Plastic is Forever


El plastico es como una historia de amor …y odio
Nos encanta por un instante pero lo odiamos cuando lo desechamos .
Nos encanta Cuando brilla pero lo odiamos cuando está sucio.
Pero aunque el amor es pasajero, el plástico es para siempre.

Primitive Urban Living participates in the 8th edition of REHOGAR in Barcelona

On November 10th 2016, Primitive Urban Living participated at The eighth edition of REHOGAR · Open Design & Reuse , a colletive exhibition showcasing Design and Art projects from all over the world inspired in new solutions towards recycling, reusing and open design. The show, organized by the collective Makea was held in the Design Museum of Barcelona from November 10 – December 2.

The TIPI project represented Primitive Urban Living and was surrounded by other wonderful projects all aiming for the search of new solutions to battle the Environmental crisis in a more creative way.

REHOGAR 8 in Barcelona

REHOGAR 8 Presentation




TIPI in Barcelona

On November 2016 Primitive Urban Living developed its 3rd plastic Tipi for the The eighth edition of REHOGAR · Open Design & Reuse in the Design Museum of Barcelona. Once again, the PUL team worked to create a symbol of plastic pollution awareness through a recycled artifact : The TIPI : “Terreno Imaginativo para el Pensamiento Introspectivo” – Imaginative Terrain for Introspective Thinking.

The idea revolves around the concept of how a SPACE creates a SITUATION- therefore by building an ephemeral space out of discarded plastics a situation of thought is created to take the time to just simply be PRESENT, be AWARE. Awareness is the first step to the solution and with this project we are looking to invite and stimulate action towards the improvement of our environmental global crisis.

Check out videos that explain the concept in a more visual way.

TIPI: “Terreno Imaginativo para el Pensamiento Introspectivo”

TIPI : process and construction

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A new headline has been going around the internet…

“The Oceans Will Contain More Plastic Than Fish By 2050”

So… we have 34 years ahead of plastic plastic plastic….Unless we do something about it.

Artists Mitch Cherry and Ayder Garcia, currently based in Costa Rica are not surprised by this headline. In the meanwhile they have already been taking action creating upcycled art out of found plastic objects from the shores of Punta Arenas.

On Friday January 29, representing the Primitive Urban Living art collective, these plastic artists will showcase there work as a message of awareness towards plastic pollution. The show will take place in the Greenroom,  Jaco Beach Costa Rica at 6pm.




plastic overdose

Text and Art Direction: Martina Miraballes

Photography: Noah Henri Joseph




El plastico,

Esa magica sustancia, casi indestructible, que no desaparece de la tierra cuando desaparece de nuestra basura. Este material, tan divino y eterno como los dioses permanece en esta existencia universal al menos 500 años (aprox. 16 generaciones de vida) hasta que se degrada en armoniosa simbiosis con la tierra. MIENTRAS TANTO, debido al convenir de las sociedades, el plástico de uso singular que ocupa apenas unos minutos de nuestra rutina diaria permanece en el planeta tierra como un PARASITO, ahogando el paisaje natural de contaminación visual y petroquímica.

Al principio, se pensaba que al esconderlo en el océano nadie se daría cuenta de esta plaga, pero hoy en día el consumo plástico crece exponencialmente y pocas personas consideran que existen mas utilidades ademas de su uso inmediato y descartable. La población terrenal ha perdido la fe de la “reencarnación plástica” porque la ignorancia resulta ser el camino mas fácil.

Será posible encontrar una nueva vida para estos productos plásticos abandonados en la soledad de un vertedero ?

La verdad es que tenemos el poder de vencer esta plaga con un simple cambio de percepción. El conocimiento es poder, y crear conciencia sobre esta plaga que invade nuestras mas profundas raíces es el primer paso hacia la solución.