We are the voice of the earth, the voice of the ocean and not only are we the voice of the future, we are the voice of the NOW.

PRIMITIVE URBAN LIVING is an art collective influenced by the busy urban day to day scenery and environment. More than a movement, it is considered a way of being and thinking. It’s base concept revolves around the upcycling state of mind; the ability to see beauty in the transformation of discarded material and objects.

Product of the use and throw away society, followed by the poor health of our earth and oceans, we consider ourselves “Earth Warriors” and our objective is to promote the action for the wellbeing of our planet and raise environmental awareness. We believe that all objects are worthy whenever it comes to preventing pollution.


The overdose of plastic has transcended into another level of artistic discipline”

Plastic Dreams consists of a reality that is constantly surrounded by the advantage of plastic. In our reality, we present Plastic Artifacts upcycled into a new form of visual expression. PLASTIC REALITY. PLASTIC DREAMS. PLASTIC LIFE.



1.We have been spoiled with the convenience of plastic and instead of seeing shells on the shore of beaches, we now see plastic residue.The oceans health is in decline because the planet earth has been overdosed with this petroleum derived material and this substance wont go away in our lifetime.

2.Our bad habits and ignorance are risking the lives of future generations. Your children and grandchildren might never experience a clean swim in the ocean.

3.The planet is infected by a Plastic Plague that is destroying our ecosystem in which we form part of, therefore plastic is destroying us.

4.PLASTIC IS FOREVER, it never goes away and plastic pollution has become the cultural archeology of our time.

5.We are the children of the age of plastics.


1.Art can change the way people think, feel and behave. When someone is emotionally touched, they start thinking different. If you can use art to touch someone’s soul, you can use art to cure.

2.Imagination and creativity are basic necessities in life often ignored.

3.Everything is constantly changing and transforming. Engaging in that transformation is a natural part of our life, mind and human nature.

4.Nature is wise, when something doesn’t make sense in nature, it shouldn’t make sense in our life. As human beings, we are directly connected with nature, therefore whatever negative effects on nature can cause negative effects on our own being.

5.The solution is change. Change is natural. The solution is natural.Engaging awareness is the first step towards the solution.

6.Respect is essential, respect for other humans, for other species, and overall respect for nature and for our Mother Earth. Mother Earth is another mother, and for that we should treat her like one.


1.Inspire a LEAVE NO TRACE society.

2.Change the perception of what plastic is, what it involves, its life cycle and the idea of single use plastic.

3.Inspire, lead by example and turn off the plastic faucet by Raising awareness, and helping alert the world to contribute to the solution.

4.Reuse waste and transform it into resources. Repurpose waste before it ends up in a landfill. Transform trash into opportunity.

5.Integrate an upcycling state of mind to increase the value of repursposed waste and change the way people interpret “Trash”. Make an impact throughout beauty and emotion. Transform something negative into something beautiful.