photography: Tim Odonell


Born in Louisville, Kentucky – Raised in Atlanta, Georgia
-Won first prize collage contest in 1st grade and stayed involved in art through high school/
-Studied art and broadcasting at the Georgia Perimeter.
-Lived in Melbourne, Florida as a DJ and after that lived art as a free spirit.
-After learning basic wax sculpting skills by his dentist father he moved to London, England in 1986 to design Jewelry on David Bowie movie “Labernyth”.
-While in London, he lived in a squat and was part of the music and art scene around Camden Lot, had jewelry shows in covent garden market and sold at Harrod’s in London and Bernies in New York.
-Back in the U.S in early 90’s worked in silkscreen shops and film business, going on to become an Art Director on two feature films and numerous music videos.
-While at the same time, pursuing music and DJing creating a well known persona “DJ SO FLY” spinning funk and R&B at Atlanta’s finest establishments; Clairmont Lounge, Star Bar, The Earl, Masquerade, Tabernacle, Tongue and Groove, and internationally in Aruba and Costa Rica
-Inspired by: Nature, surf, shapes, shadows, light and found objects.
-“To me, Art is necessary to make sense of the discarded human artifacts around me. Ironically, I found myself most productive with limited materials i.e.: People Scraps. “
-“I’m inspired by my two sisters, both artists as well, I’m a self taught artist guided by my mother’s praise.


Photography: Tim Odonell

a.k.a NAMIRA

-Born on a Taurus sun in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1992.
-Raised around the world; Uruguay, Brazil, Atlanta, U.SA, Mallorca, Spain.

-Influenced by Picasso at a young age while visiting the Picasso museum in Barcelona.

-Realization of artist destiny at age 7, visiting Paris, France.

Inspired by different surroundings and collected experiences. Love for nature, pattern and textile design, flowers, event posters, texture and contrast. Admiration for Picasso, Kandinsky, Klimt, Karim Rashid, Eduardo Galeano, and people who express their passion.

Four year degree study in Product Design (2010-2014) at Escola Superior de Disseny de les Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Experience in woodworking, metalworking, sewing, screen printing, painting, drawing, illumination, floral art and design, product design, graphic design.

Board member on Cultural Asociation Sa Taronja in Andratx, a non profit organization that aims to bring the town of Andratx (Mallorca, Spain) art and culture for everyone.

The art philosophy revolves around believing and embracing the combination of art and design through the beauty of art and practicality of design, and adding the love of nature throughout the study and awareness of the current poor health condition of our planet.

The techniques that have been employed are based on repurposed materials, such as plastic, textile,paint. Limited materials ignite the mind’s imagination to another level, combining techniques of plastic fusing, stitching, sewing, painting and drawing on irregular surfaces.

Martina tries to accomplish awareness and direct communication on indirect surfaces through the materials employed in her art. She wants to generate the idea of thinking outside the box when it comes to discarded materials. “Living in an era where the overdose of plastic has transcended into a different level of artistic discipline”


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