PLASTIC DREAMS, Art Exhibition by Namira and Mitcherry showing PLASTIC ARTIFACTS


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OCTOBER 2, 2015 at the BLUE TOWER GALLERY, Atlanta…. presenting PLASTIC DREAMS




We are part of a new artistic movement auctocthonous of this new technological age almost two centuries after the first industrial revolution. The way we have grown technologically and industrially has also produced the growth of obsolete discarded waste which has turned into an unsustainable curse. A curse that does not disappear after we leave this earth but complicates and endures for the young generations ahead of us.

We are the voice of the future and we have chosen artistic expressions to not only speak but yell aloud inspiring the generations of this new world. We are the warriors who fight for love and environmental consciousness.

We are a movement inspired by the discomfort of our precious mother earth and we want to do something about it. We want to change the way people see waste, we want to transform the negative connotation of stinky trash into beautiful and inspiring art.

Our art is an investigation process of how to transform all the excessive plastic (which suffers a very short product life) into something useful and beautiful. We want to fuse the sensibility of art with the functionality of design.

Welcome to this exciting adventure of discovering the new uses of obsolete objects abandoned in the solitude of a stinky dumpster.

We want to transform the way people think throughout the medium of art. We want to revolutionize the way of making art. We want to show our ethical ideas throughout our canvas. We understand the global situation and we want to do something about it. We want to make a difference!